God is Bringing Beauty From Ashes in Myanmar!

For decades, the government in Myanmar has been noted for brutality and oppression. There have been about 40,000 innocent people killed in a needless civil war. There are countless internally displaced people, meaning those who are forced to leave their homes and settle elsewhere in the country because of [...]

God’s Answers Overturn Satan’s Efforts in India!

If you have been following what is happening in India, you might be left with the impression that this huge nation will soon become closed to the gospel. The most powerful political party is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which regards Islam and Christianity as political and spiritual threats. [...]

Japan Brings on the Bots!

Population: 126.3 million Christian: 2.2 percent Dominant religion: Shintoism Japan is a nation in a self-inflicted crisis. They experienced a baby boom after losing a high percentage of their population during WWII. Their population and economy recovered well during the 1950s and 60s. Those baby boomers are now in [...]

Scam Artists in Cambodia Using Victims of Human Trafficking

BASIC INFORMATION ON CAMBODIA PRAYER PAGE Chief of State: King Norodom Sihamoni Head of Government: Prime Minister Hun Sen Population: 15,288,489 Christians: 3.2% Evangelical Christians: 1.6% Have you ever received an unwanted phone call or email from someone claiming if you send money you will get great returns or [...]

Prayer Must Come Before a Media Outreach in the Persian Gulf

Petro dollars have made the countries of the Persian Gulf region wealthy. The local Arabic-speaking people are almost entirely Muslim, but they hire people from all over the world. Though most of their guest workers are also Muslim, others follow Christ. There is a team of Christ followers who [...]

Christian Believers Bring Shalom to Muslims in Kyrgyzstan

Shalom. Everyone craves it, but few find it. Translated into English, the word means “peace,” “harmony” or “wholeness.” The only way to find shalom is by starting with a relationship with the Heavenly Father. Kyrgyzstan is a country where people are notorious for looking in the wrong places for [...]

Will Rage or the Holy Spirit Determine Iran’s Future?

To protect their nation from immorality, Iran’s “morality” police saw it fit to arrest and kill a woman for not properly wearing her hijab (headscarf). Since this incident on September 16, 2022, there have been ongoing demonstrations. Both sides have become hardened in their positions. Iranian forces have fired [...]

A New Year for Unity in the Church

Thailand and Myanmar are both Buddhist countries. There are a small number of Christian believers from Myanmar in Thailand, but they are divided. The few churches have had theological differences. It’s also hard for them to unite because of ethnic differences. In a different spirit, one discipleship team is [...]

From Fear to Faith in Afghanistan

With good reason, UNICEF recently designated Afghanistan as the worst place to be born. That country has the highest infant mortality rate, and life is filled with misery from birth to death. One merely survives. People endure a government that has recently massacred people in Panjshir, Andarab, and Balkhab. [...]

Are 850,000 Muslim Background Believers Enough to Impress You?

There have been secular efforts where one person doesn’t just sell items; he recruits others to sell them. That way, the number of sales multiplies rather than “adds.” The same is true for winning people to Christ. One person can use a simple evangelistic approach and ask people to [...]

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