Will Muslims Discover Discovery Groups?

Algeria has been staunchly Muslim since Islamic armies conquered North Africa in the 500s. Before that time, North Africa was marginally Christian, but few had access to the Bible. Today, a team of Christian workers is trying to bring Christ to the people of North Africa. They are called [...]

Spiritual Growth is Happening in Buddhist Bhutan

When you think of people growing in the Lord, you often think of prayer, Bible reading, and faith sharing. All three of these are happening now in Bhutan, a Buddhist nation hidden in the Himalayan Mountains between India and China. Bhutan is still among the world's least evangelized countries, [...]

The Many Reasons for Starvation in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Population: 32,225,000 Christian Percentage: Unknown Dominant religion: Islam Persecution Ranking: 9 The news has predicted probable famine in Afghanistan for the second winter in a row. As you read this article, there might be as many as 15-20 million people in that South Asian country who lack adequate [...]

Broadcasting God’s Word from a Pakistani Mosque!

It's not a secret that Pakistan is among the most challenging countries to find good spiritual fruit. Pakistanis are known for their lack of tolerance for other religious beliefs. Recently, a Muslim village chief looked outside the Koran for wisdom and guidance. His son was rebellious and difficult to [...]

In Iran, Mosques Close Where Nobody Goes

Iran: Population: 81,824,000 Christian percentage: .8 percent Dominant Religion: Shia Islam Persecution Ranking: 8 1979, Iran experienced a revolution that ushered in an Islamic theocracy. Iranians believed this would spiritually purify their nation. The 1979 Iranian Revolution was blended with nationalism. They hoped for Iran to become the powerful [...]

Home is Where the Fellowship is in Kazakhstan!

Home groups are an excellent setting for fellowship, Christian growth, and discipleship. Relationships and fellowship grow deep in a home group setting. Praise the Lord that Christian Believers are leading home groups in Kazakhstan from other Muslim-majority countries. They are reaching Muslims from various parts of Central Asia, including [...]

This is the Time to Reach Indian Muslims!

Most people associate India’s Ganges River with Hindus. There is a Hindu majority along this massive river, which Hindus consider holy. Yet, millions of unreached Muslims live near the river. The 2020s have been a decade of persecution for both Muslims and Christians. Hinduism is increasingly being used for [...]

It Only Takes One!

Turkmenistan is a former Soviet republic with a strong Muslim history. Roughly one in 500 believe in the saving power of Jesus Christ. But one person from this people group can make a huge difference. Silas (not his real name) grew up under Soviet rule. He had spiritual questions, [...]

Teaching Cambodians the Way of the Lord

What does it mean to make disciples? In simple terms, it means helping people to become like Christ. Discipleship involves training in the Word, but it also means accountability. “Teaching them to obey” through the Word is accompanied by asking hard questions about daily life with the end goal [...]

The Sound of Freedom Needs to Be Heard in India!

India Population: 1.3 billion Christian percentage: 2.2 Dominant Religion: Hinduism Persecution Ranking: 10   Have you seen the movie “Sound of Freedom”? It’s about human trafficking in Latin America, but the situation is worldwide, including India. They might use the victim as an unwilling organ donor, a domestic servant, [...]

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