It Only Takes One!

Turkmenistan is a former Soviet republic with a strong Muslim history. Roughly one in 500 believe in the saving power of Jesus Christ.

But one person from this people group can make a huge difference. Silas (not his real name) grew up under Soviet rule. He had spiritual questions, but he thought Allah was too distant to provide help in times of need. He bought into the atheism taught in Turkmen schools at the time. Eventually, his brother-in-law became a Christian believer, and it made him think. Silas thought Christianity was only for Russians and other Slavic peoples, not for Turkic Muslims like himself. When the USSR fell in 1991, it became possible to bring the JESUS Film into Turkmenistan. Silas saw the JESUS Film and embraced the gospel. He wasted no time. Silas told everyone he met about the loving Savior, and before long, he had 60 Turkmen studying the Bible together.

Persecution came with a vengeance. In the coming years, the secret police slandered Silas and threw him into prison. They released him when he kept winning other prisoners to Christ. Next, the secret police went after his family, nearly killing them with a planned car “accident.”

Silas was allowed to leave Turkmenistan, and now he and his family live in the United States. He produces radio and TV broadcasts to proclaim the glorious Name of Jesus Christ to Turkmen all over the world.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to use these broadcasts to draw Turkmen Muslims to the Throne of Grace (The Bible, Hebrews 4:16).
  • Pray for these broadcasts to result in Turkmen disciples making other disciples who love and obey the Savior. (The Bible, Isaiah 8:16).
  • Pray for the Lord to protect Silas’ family and draw them into His loving arms of mercy (The Bible, Psalm 5:11).


Prayer letter by Alexia Hess