Teaching Cambodians the Way of the Lord

What does it mean to make disciples? In simple terms, it means helping people to become like Christ. Discipleship involves training in the Word, but it also means accountability. “Teaching them to obey” through the Word is accompanied by asking hard questions about daily life with the end goal being obedience and holiness.

Cambodia has been a Buddhist country for hundreds of years. The gospel has made inroads, but there hasn’t been a major movement to Christ, especially among the Khmer majority.

There is a group of workers who are trying to change that. In partnership with local Christian believers, they ran a discipleship school early this summer. Those who were in training are now prepared to disciple others. Disciples are not just being “added” one by one but multiplied as each of these disciples makes more disciples in Cambodia. That team is also training Cambodian pastors so they can teach from the Bible and not get sidetracked by false doctrines.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Pray that local pastors will grow in unity, and gladly teach the Word to hundreds of others (The Bible, Psalm 119:33-35).
  • Pray for those who were discipled will love God’s Word, and put it into practice (The Bible, Psalm 119:14).
  • Pray for Cambodian Christian believers to get in the habit of meeting with Jesus and praying throughout the day (The Bible, Mark 1:35).


A missionary prayer letter