Spiritual Growth is Happening in Buddhist Bhutan

When you think of people growing in the Lord, you often think of prayer, Bible reading, and faith sharing. All three of these are happening now in Bhutan, a Buddhist nation hidden in the Himalayan Mountains between India and China. Bhutan is still among the world’s least evangelized countries, even by 10-40 Window standards. But God is on the move, and some are listening to His still small voice.

People are seeking to win these Buddhists to the throne of grace. They have won a couple of people to Christ. These people are taking their faith to others through their social networks and families. New believers attended a prayer meeting and found refreshment in praying to the living God. One commented that he “feels bigger” when he prays. One Bhutanese believer takes an English Bible to class. He finds his Buddhist classmates are curious about this unusual book.

Bhutan is a remote nation whose people have not challenged their Tibetan Buddhist beliefs for centuries. Christ’s followers must persevere in following up with the few Bhutanese believers to ensure they understand and practice their faith.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Fear is a significant barrier to people sharing their faith, especially in a country like Bhutan. Pray for the few Christians to tell others of the beautiful love of Jesus (The Bible, 1 John 4:18).
  • Bhutanese people have shown curiosity about the Bible. Pray that many read it in their local language and draw close to the only Savior (The Bible, Isaiah 55:11).
  • May the prayers of Bhutanese Christians be answered, encouraging them to pray even more (The Bible, James 5:16).


A missionary prayer letter