Home is Where the Fellowship is in Kazakhstan!

Home groups are an excellent setting for fellowship, Christian growth, and discipleship. Relationships and fellowship grow deep in a home group setting. Praise the Lord that Christian Believers are leading home groups in Kazakhstan from other Muslim-majority countries. They are reaching Muslims from various parts of Central Asia, including Afghanistan. Partly because of the local culture, these home groups are gender specific. Women are being developed as home group leaders so they can extend discipleship efforts to other Muslim background.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Home group leaders to disciple others so their efforts will be multiplied (The Bible, Matthew 28:19).
  • Kazakh disciples to make more disciples until the harvest is complete in Kazakhstan (The Bible, Matthew 9:37).
  • A spiritual arts retreat coming up this month. May the Holy Spirit direct those who attend into a greater love for the Lord and His Kingdom (The Bible, John 21:15).


A missionary prayer letter