Will Muslims Discover Discovery Groups?

Algeria has been staunchly Muslim since Islamic armies conquered North Africa in the 500s. Before that time, North Africa was marginally Christian, but few had access to the Bible.

Today, a team of Christian workers is trying to bring Christ to the people of North Africa. They are called the Jasmine Coast Team. They are learning the local Arabic dialect and interacting with local people. They are working with refugees from Libya, a country embroiled in a long-lasting civil war.

One of their advantages is Muslims are eager to discuss spiritual matters. Some Muslims believe they have unquestionable truth in the Islamic religious system. In contrast, others realize there are problems with a religion of work. Some recognize the gross lack of holiness from a religion closely tied to political power.

The Jasmine Coast Team is bathing their work in prayer as they seek persons of peace. Persons of peace refer to those spiritually hungry and willing to introduce Christ’s ambassadors to others. Ultimately, they hope for two things. They want to find local people who would like to help people experiencing poverty. Most of the Libyan refugees are struggling. Ultimately, they want to start Discovery Groups, where people come together to study and understand the Bible. They are finding Muslims who will discuss spiritual matters and read portions of the Bible. Step by step, these people are being led to the blessings that only Jesus Christ can provide.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Pray for the Jasmine Coast Team to find spiritually hungry local Muslims interested in helping the poor and finding their way to the only Savior (The Bible, Deuteronomy 15:11).
  • Pray for hundreds of Muslims to join Discovery Groups and learn what Jesus Christ has for those willing to look to the cross (The Bible, Acts 17:11).
  • Pray for their work to have long-lasting effects and for many Algerian Muslims to find abundant life (The Bible, John 10:10).


A missionary prayer letter