Spring Gospel Initiatives Spring Forth in Buddhist Thailand

Thailand is a Buddhist country that needs the One who is the way, the truth, and the life. For centuries, they have worshipped spirits and the Buddha to find good fortune in an uncertain world. They need to seek and find the Lord of Lords. Yet, the Thai people are open-minded enough to allow other religions to share their beliefs. Buddhism allows for accepting prayer and blessings from those outside the Buddhist fold. This is a starting point, but it takes much more for a Thai Buddhist to accept Christ’s lordship.

Spring is a time when one thinks of new beginnings and new life. This spring, two new initiatives will be launched in the Thai city of Chiang Mai. One is a training school where Thai Christian believers can learn how to disciple others and spread the fragrance of Christ to others. The other initiative is a “catalyst prayer gathering,” where Christians will call upon the Lord to change hearts throughout the Buddhist world.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Pray for Buddhist hearts to embrace the One who can bless them without measure (The Bible, 1 Chronicles 28:9).
  • Pray for hundreds to be equipped for ministry through the upcoming training sessions (The Bible, Matthew 10:1).
  • Pray for wisdom, purpose, and clarity for those ministering Christ in Thailand (The Bible, 1 Kings 4:29).


A missionary prayer letter