Is Morocco Heading Towards a Food Crisis?

Is Morocco Heading Towards a Food Crisis? Seven years of severe drought and a massive drop in rainfall, Morocco has lost most of it's agricultural areas. Almost a million hectares of agricultural lands remain dry with water vanishing from major dams. Although there are plans to generate water needed for irrigation through desalination, it will [...]

Tunisia Seeks Closer Ties with China

Tunisia Seeks Closer Ties with China The Tunisian Government is seeking closer ties with China in recent months. While the North African country enjoys support from the European Union, a partnership with China will decrease accountability on human rights. Chinese collaboration throughout the African Continent involves payment of massive bribes to the ruling government leaders [...]

Tunisia Detains Illegal Sub-Saharan Migrants

Tunisia Detains Illegal Sub-Saharan Migrants Sub-Saharan migrants in Tunisia face deportation and arrest. The Tunisian Government receives over a billion Euros to police their coast against illegal crossings. Despite Tunisia's official stand of not wanting to be "Europe's Coast Guard", they opted to keep their country clear of Sub-Saharan migrants. Pray for the fair and [...]

Will Muslims Discover Discovery Groups?

Algeria has been staunchly Muslim since Islamic armies conquered North Africa in the 500s. Before that time, North Africa was marginally Christian, but few had access to the Bible. Today, a team of Christian workers is trying to bring Christ to the people of North Africa. They are called [...]

Sudan Will Not Have a Happy New Year in 2024

Sudan Population: 41.5 million Christian Percentage: 5 percent Dominant Religion: Islam Persecution Ranking: 10   Last April, fighting resumed between the government’s military, the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), and rebels from the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). The fighting shows no sign of stopping, and it’s getting so bad that [...]

Morocco Shaken By Worst Earthquake In Over 100 Years

Friday night in the high Atlas mountains with an epicenter 45 miles southwest of Marrakech a magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck killing over 2681 and injuring over 2501 persons, many critical. It has been over 100 years since such a powerful quake has hit the country. People are still too [...]

Genocide: History Repeats Itself In The Darfur Region Of Sudan

Once again history is repeating itself. This time it is the Darfur region of western Sudan. Twenty years ago 300,000 people were killed and many others were displaced when armed militias targeted ethnic African tribes: murdering, raping, burning, and stealing without punishment. The guilty parties are Arab raiders called [...]

What A Sneaky Way To Take the Gospel to Muslim North Africa!

There is a very sneaky way to get the gospel to people in closed countries. Once someone has it, it can’t be detected unless that country has government agents to personally check people’s cell phones. Apps are downloadable and usually undetectable. Once the person has it, he can access [...]

Sudan Conflict Intensifies

As the fighting in Sudan intensifies, there is a desperate attempt by all countries to get their nationals out safely. When a new three-day ceasefire went into effect, it gave hope to many that they could be able to accommodate all foreigners who wanted to evacuate and those Sudanese [...]

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