One More People Group in Sudan is Being Reached!

Sudan is a nation we often hear about, and the news is almost never positive. Stories of war, drought, and human cruelty have made it to our newspapers for so long that we easily become desensitized to it. No matter how degenerate mankind can be, God brings beauty [...]

Tunisian Woman Shouts Christ from the Internet!

Muslim countries are almost exclusively closed to the gospel witness. In most cases, one can be arrested and even killed for “changing religion” to follow Christ. While attending a university in a North African country, Bassma Dabbour Jaballah befriended someone who was later burned at the stake for turning [...]

Crisis In Libya: Presidential Election Or Not?

Why does Libya periodically appear in the headlines? It’s a North African country with a lot of deserts. Yes, but it also is rich in natural resources, and other less blessed nations seem to gravitate toward those countries that can be useful to them.  We have all heard of [...]

Valentine’s Day Was a Day of Hatred in South Sudan

February 14 was not a day of love, but of hatred and killing in Aneet, on South Sudan’s border with Sudan. Four places of worship and a marketplace were partially or completely destroyed. There were several attacks between February 10-16 that led to the death of 16 people. There [...]

North Africa breakthrough: Dreams and Bible Studies

In his book, “A Wind in the House of Islam,” David Garrison points out that there has been an unprecedented harvest among Muslims in the 20th century that is accelerating in the 21st century. Much of his research involves personal interviews. They would ask, “What did God use to [...]

Sudan’s Demonstrators Shot

There were at least five demonstrations in Sudan on Monday morning, and security forces tried to stop them with bullets. Seven died and about 100 were injured. It was one of the deadliest days for protesters. The death toll is now up to 71. Thousands took to the streets [...]

One More Step Back for Sudan

Sudan's attempt to move from military to civilian rule was set back another step on January 3, 2021 with the resignation of temporary civilian Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok. He cited a failure to keep his nation from "sliding towards disaster" and building a consensus between the interests of the [...]

Sudan Prepares for an Unhappy New Year

December 19 should have been a day of commemoration in Sudan. It was the third anniversary of the day when protesters burned the office of the National Congress Party headed by dictator Omar Hassan al-Bashir who ruled Christians in Sudan with an iron fist. The protest set in motion [...]

Project Impact | December 2021

Dear 10/40 Window Prayer Partner, Christmas greetings to you and your family. Anxious Afghan citizens watched in horror as the Taliban overran their country in August 2021. Young Afghans have flocked to our WIN Facebook pages for comfort ever since. The world may have forgotten Afghanistan already, yet we, at Window International Network, [...]

South Sudan: One Nation Under Water

South Sudan has faced many serious challenges in its 10-year history as an independent nation. They finally have a ceasefire from civil war, and droughts are a regular part of life. Droughts indirectly cause flooding, which might be their biggest challenge of all. There have been regular floods in [...]

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