Sudan Will Not Have a Happy New Year in 2024


Population: 41.5 million
Christian Percentage: 5 percent
Dominant Religion: Islam
Persecution Ranking: 10


Last April, fighting resumed between the government’s military, the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), and rebels from the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). The fighting shows no sign of stopping, and it’s getting so bad that the United Nations mission is leaving. Both military forces are equally strong, and neither will compromise with their enemies. This senseless violence will continue its destructive course in 2024.

When the renewed fighting began in April, the number of people needing humanitarian care was nearly 16 million. It’s up to 25 million, over half of Sudan’s population.

The spiral of atrocities sped up during the 30-year regime of Omar al-Bashir. In 2013, he established the RSF as a counterbalance to the military. The RSF stems from the vicious Janjaweed militias that attacked settled farmers. Both the Janjaweed militias and the RSF serve the interests of those who want to Arabize Sudan by killing or driving out Black Africans. After al-Bashir was ousted in 2019, there has been a power struggle between SAF government forces and the RSF.

The RSF has used rape as a weapon against Black African women to have them give birth to “Arab” children. Through that evil method, they hope to extend the power of Arabs further south. Others take women as captives and sell them in the marketplace or use them as sex slaves or prostitutes. The RSF is stooping even lower by threatening and even raping Sudanese women who work with Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres). The RSF also forces people under their control to join them or face merciless torture until they comply.

Both the RSF and the SAF are guilty of robbing homes in areas they conquered. The United States State Department accuses both sides of war crimes and crimes against humanity. As mentioned, in early December, the United Nations removed their staff.

God gives us free will to do good or evil. Currently, the perpetrators of violence, be it from the militia or the government forces, have no desire to change. Pray for God to intervene.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Pray for deep repentance to come to Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, the leader of the RSF, and Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, head of the SAF (The Bible, Acts 16:29-31).
  • Pray that God will soon intervene and even bring judgment on those who continue to oppress the innocent (The Bible, Acts 12:22-24).
  • Pray for God’s comfort and protection for the innocent (The Bible, Job 34:12).