It Only Takes One!

Turkmenistan is a former Soviet republic with a strong Muslim history. Roughly one in 500 believe in the saving power of Jesus Christ. But one person from this people group can make a huge difference. Silas (not his real name) grew up under Soviet rule. He had spiritual questions, [...]

Teaching Cambodians the Way of the Lord

What does it mean to make disciples? In simple terms, it means helping people to become like Christ. Discipleship involves training in the Word, but it also means accountability. “Teaching them to obey” through the Word is accompanied by asking hard questions about daily life with the end goal [...]

Moken Sea Gypsies Can Become Natural Evangelists!

Myanmar persecution ranking: 14 The unreached Moken people are nicknamed the “sea gypsies” of the Andaman Sea for a reason. They are nomads who travel by water. For decades they have been an unreached people group in just about all Southeast Asian countries where they reside, including Myanmar. Now [...]

The Timothy Initiative (TTI) Breaking New Ground in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso persecution ranking: 32   Do you ever wonder if you are making a difference in God’s Kingdom? Kojo, a church planting trainer from West Africa, does not have to wonder. This past spring, Kojo and others provided church planting training for 25 people who want to see [...]

What A Sneaky Way To Take the Gospel to Muslim North Africa!

There is a very sneaky way to get the gospel to people in closed countries. Once someone has it, it can’t be detected unless that country has government agents to personally check people’s cell phones. Apps are downloadable and usually undetectable. Once the person has it, he can access [...]

Serving the Lord in Muslim Central Asia

To some people, summer means fun and vacations. To others it means an opportunity to serve the Lord in a distant part of the world. There are several former Soviet republics in Central Asia that are almost entirely Muslim. Efforts to establish the gospel in these countries have been [...]

What is Next for Muslim Turkey?

What would you think if a group of people you regarded as enemies were the first to help you after a natural disaster? Would that change the way you viewed them? That is a question Turkish Muslims must now ask themselves. Though Turkey was the location for many of [...]

Parenting Class for Muslim Syrian Refugees

Who knows the best way to raise children? Our Heavenly Father, of course! There is much in the Bible about how to raise children. The Old Testament offers both good and bad examples of parenting. Proverbs gives us guidelines through short exhortations. The New Testament epistles give essential exhortations [...]

God Offers Healing to Trafficked Women Through A Coffee House

Coffee houses are the perfect place to have deep conversations. They provide an informal, relaxed setting where people are free to discuss just about anything. For that reason, Flourish Café was established in 2021 in Indonesia to help women who were victims of human trafficking. They could have honest [...]

Nepali Women Gossip the Gospel!

We associate gossip with something negative: talking about people behind their backs. Gossip is one of the reasons there is the ninth commandment: “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.” But gossip can be a good thing when it involves talking about Jesus to everyone. Some call [...]

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