Spring Gospel Initiatives Spring Forth in Buddhist Thailand

Thailand is a Buddhist country that needs the One who is the way, the truth, and the life. For centuries, they have worshipped spirits and the Buddha to find good fortune in an uncertain world. They need to seek and find the Lord of Lords. Yet, the Thai people [...]

Bringing God’s Holy Fire to the Land of Fire

When one thinks of Azerbaijan, they often think of fire. Natural gas leaks cause fires to burn nonstop in many places. For over 1,000 years, travelers and locals have both been fascinated and fearful of this phenomenon. Fire is also a key symbolic element in Azerbaijan's ancient Zoroastrian religion, [...]

Relationships Are Opening Spiritual Doors in Hindu Nepal

Rarely can someone walk into a Hindu village and preach the gospel. One must first establish relationships based on friendship and trust. That is happening in a particular Nepali village. A missionary team spends time with the children by playing games and leading sports events. Their efforts will eventually [...]

It’s a Long Way Home for Trafficked Cambodian Women

A mission group reports an emerging human trafficking situation in Buddhist Southeast Asia. To address this, the group is rescuing women in the border districts of Myanmar and Thailand. A high percentage of these women are from Cambodia. In recent months, they have rescued 30 women being led to [...]

Repentance Comes to a Malian Prison!

In recent years, good news has been rare in Mali, a Muslim nation in the Sahel Desert. Muslim terrorists have infiltrated their government. Situations like this mean thousands of violent people are in the prison system. Thieves, murderers, and other violent men share prison cells with vulnerable women and [...]

Will Muslims Discover Discovery Groups?

Algeria has been staunchly Muslim since Islamic armies conquered North Africa in the 500s. Before that time, North Africa was marginally Christian, but few had access to the Bible. Today, a team of Christian workers is trying to bring Christ to the people of North Africa. They are called [...]

Spiritual Growth is Happening in Buddhist Bhutan

When you think of people growing in the Lord, you often think of prayer, Bible reading, and faith sharing. All three of these are happening now in Bhutan, a Buddhist nation hidden in the Himalayan Mountains between India and China. Bhutan is still among the world's least evangelized countries, [...]

Broadcasting God’s Word from a Pakistani Mosque!

It's not a secret that Pakistan is among the most challenging countries to find good spiritual fruit. Pakistanis are known for their lack of tolerance for other religious beliefs. Recently, a Muslim village chief looked outside the Koran for wisdom and guidance. His son was rebellious and difficult to [...]

Home is Where the Fellowship is in Kazakhstan!

Home groups are an excellent setting for fellowship, Christian growth, and discipleship. Relationships and fellowship grow deep in a home group setting. Praise the Lord that Christian Believers are leading home groups in Kazakhstan from other Muslim-majority countries. They are reaching Muslims from various parts of Central Asia, including [...]

This is the Time to Reach Indian Muslims!

Most people associate India’s Ganges River with Hindus. There is a Hindu majority along this massive river, which Hindus consider holy. Yet, millions of unreached Muslims live near the river. The 2020s have been a decade of persecution for both Muslims and Christians. Hinduism is increasingly being used for [...]

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