Springs in the Central Asian Desert

There is nothing better for desert Muslim nomads to find than water! It can mean the difference between life and death. Jesus told us He is the “water of life,” meaning we need Him for our spiritual lives as much as we need water for our physical bodies. There [...]

May the Lord Enlarge Their Tent as they Minister in Cambodia!

How many of you have been on a short-term mission trip? There is a team of long-term workers in Buddhist Cambodia who hosted a short-term team in May. This missionary team has been in Cambodia for years, inviting these Buddhists to consider the claims of Christ. They want to [...]

God Is All-Powerful Among the Fulani and Tuaregs in Niger!

You have read prayer requests for our brethren in Niger who have suffered at the hands of Muslim Fulani and Tuareg herdsmen. That land is in a constant state of drought, causing Christian farmers and Muslim Fulani herdsmen to need the same fertile lands. These conflicts have been leading [...]

One More People Group in Sudan is Being Reached!

Sudan is a nation we often hear about, and the news is almost never positive. Stories of war, drought, and human cruelty have made it to our newspapers for so long that we easily become desensitized to it. No matter how degenerate mankind can be, God brings beauty [...]

Tunisian Woman Shouts Christ from the Internet!

Muslim countries are almost exclusively closed to the gospel witness. In most cases, one can be arrested and even killed for “changing religion” to follow Christ. While attending a university in a North African country, Bassma Dabbour Jaballah befriended someone who was later burned at the stake for turning [...]

Music Makers Hold the Key to Iranian Hearts

Last month we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. Did you know that one of the primary ways he won Ireland to Christ in 15 years was through music? Music is the language of the heart. That was especially true for the Irish in the 5th Century, and for the Iranians [...]

Sri Lanka Breakthrough

Sri Lanka is a complex island nation off the coast of India. It has a slight Buddhist majority, but there is also a large Hindu minority. There is a small Christian minority among most ethnic groups, but the gospel has not spread as far as it should. Christian Believers [...]

Pakistan breakthrough

We rarely hear good news coming from Muslim Pakistan. Recent headlines include news of Christians being killed and the downtrodden being sold into virtual slavery. But in the darkness, God shines the brightest. In recent months, that light shined into a roadside café through a worker with Foursquare Mission [...]

North Africa breakthrough: Dreams and Bible Studies

In his book, “A Wind in the House of Islam,” David Garrison points out that there has been an unprecedented harvest among Muslims in the 20th century that is accelerating in the 21st century. Much of his research involves personal interviews. They would ask, “What did God use to [...]

Indonesian Harvest Started With Prayer

1996 was 26 years ago. It was also the year when only 20 out of 163 Indonesian unreached people groups had full-time missionaries. By June, all 163 will have at least one worker taking Christ to them. Seventy of these unreached people groups have four generations of people studying [...]

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