Christian Believers Bring Shalom to Muslims in Kyrgyzstan

Shalom. Everyone craves it, but few find it. Translated into English, the word means “peace,” “harmony” or “wholeness.” The only way to find shalom is by starting with a relationship with the Heavenly Father. Kyrgyzstan is a country where people are notorious for looking in the wrong places for [...]

Springs in the Central Asian Desert

There is nothing better for desert Muslim nomads to find than water! It can mean the difference between life and death. Jesus told us He is the “water of life,” meaning we need Him for our spiritual lives as much as we need water for our physical bodies. There [...]

Blazes in Kazakhstan Might Spread Throughout Central Asia

Riots in Kazakhstan led to the burning of the city hall in Almaty, the largest city. The violence has led to the burning of the regional branch of the ruling Nur Otan Party and many police cars. Police claim rioters killed 13 officers and injured an additional 353. At one point, protesters [...]

Strategic Prayer Campaign – Nigeria

Dear 10/40 Window Prayer Partner, Warm Kingdom greetings! Thank you for your faithful and consistent prayers. There is a high risk of civil war in Sudan yet again. Despite attempts to call for a truce, the chances of a prolonged conflict are growing. Just this week, more [...]

The Central Asia breakthrough

Many have described worship as a keyway to cultivate the growth of the Church among unreached people groups. In one Muslim Central Asian country, this is especially true. For security reasons, we won’t identify the specific country. During the month of Ramadan last June, when Muslims were fasting and [...]

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