The Central Asia Breakthrough

Many have described worship as a keyway to cultivate the growth of the Church among unreached people groups. In one Muslim Central Asian country, this is especially true. For security reasons, we won’t identify the specific country.

During the month of Ramadan last June, when Muslims were fasting and praying to achieve Allah’s favor, believers were regularly worshipping and praying for their neighbors. These believers were able to lead 22 Muslims to Christ during this time.

Believers worshipped, just because God is good! After visit to one village, Christ followers were singing a worship song in the car. There were non-believing family members in the car with them. One woman said, “I just want to stay in God’s presence. I never want to leave this place.” They drove and worshipped, and three more family members joined God’s family during that trip.

One of the best ways for the gospel to spread is through family networks. If an entire family believes together, it is far harder to stop the gospel fire that God is igniting. Also, within a family, there can be worship services without the knowledge of hostile neighbors.

Let us pray fervently for:

Join these Central Asian believers in praying for the Lord to raise up many who will change the spiritual dynamics of their community through worship. (The Bible, Judges 7:15)

Believers are trying to spread the knowledge of Christ through discovery Bible studies. Pray for these to flourish, from household to household. (The Bible, Habakkuk  2:14).


A July 2021 prayer meeting with a House of Prayer in California

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