Christian Believers Bring Shalom to Muslims in Kyrgyzstan

Shalom. Everyone craves it, but few find it. Translated into English, the word means “peace,” “harmony” or “wholeness.” The only way to find shalom is by starting with a relationship with the Heavenly Father.

Kyrgyzstan is a country where people are notorious for looking in the wrong places for shalom. Though they are Muslims, they often practice shamanism and the occult. Such acts stymie their relationship with the Father, which makes shalom impossible.

Fortunately, Kyrgyzstan allows Christian Believers to share biblical ways of achieving shalom. Two months ago, one group presented a seminar about mental health, grieving and spiritual healing. Others are using art as a way for people to be healed from traumatic experiences. In the center of their teachings is the inventor of shalom, Jesus Christ.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • The Kyrgyz people to find shalom as they turn to the One who offers forgiveness and healing to all who call on His name (The Bible, Luke 5:24).
  • The Holy Spirit to do what only He can do: guide the Kyrgyz people and help them find their way to the cross and the empty grave (The Bible, John 16:13).
  •  Jesus to become increasingly real to the few Kyrgyz Christian Believers, preparing them to take His shalom to the Muslims (The Bible, John 15:3-4).


A missionary prayer letter