Dear 10/40 Window Prayer Partner,

Warm Kingdom greetings! Thank you for your faithful prayers.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. It also has a near-majority population of Christians. Extreme violence, kidnapping of schoolchildren, abductions for ransom, political corruption, and severe persecution of Christians is left unchecked.

Most recently, the sudden redesigning of Nigeria’s currency, the Naira, was undertaken, with a tight deadline for exchanging old notes for new ones. This was supposedly done to cripple the finances of kidnappers and terrorists, lower inflation and combat currency fraud.

However, it has restricted spending by opposition parties ahead of forthcoming crucial elections.  In addition, the tight deadline for exchanging the old currency, along with a shortage of new notes in rural areas in particular, has left innocent civilians without cash, fearing they will lose their savings because they may not be able to exchange all of their old notes before the 10 February deadline.

The innocent pay the price with runaway inflation, food shortages, and constant fear of violence from the Islamic State West Africa Province (or ISWAP), Boko Haram remnants, and militia and kidnappers of Fulani ethnicity. A surge of violence against Christians by these terrorist factions in recent years has seen hundreds of thousands of Christians displaced in central Nigeria, with attacks now increasingly occurring  in the south.

Leah Sharibu, a 15-year-old Born-again Christian, was among 111 girls kidnapped from the town of Dapchi by ISWAP. While the other surviving girls were returned, Leah was not released because she refused to renounce Jesus Christ. Instead, she was declared a slave for life and handed over as chattel to an ISWAP fighter. Leah remains in captivity to this day.

The strategic West African country is spiraling out of control. Since 2020, increasing numbers of the country’s highly educated population have decided to leave Nigeria forever. Immigration to the UK alone increased by 700% since then. Lawyers, Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, IT Professionals, Architects, and even some big retail chain owners have left the country in a mass exodus.

With the government ignoring the violent attacks on Christian farming communities and towns and abductions for extortionate ransoms, the people have left the farming regions to create a massive food shortage in the country. Worse still, kidnappers do not hesitate to kill their captives even after ransoms are paid now refusing the old currency and requesting the unavailable new Naira notes.

Window International Network is launching a focused 3-month global prayer mobilization campaign. With your prayers and partnership, we aim to break the strongholds in Nigeria and arrest the country’s out-of-control spiraling through Strategic and Sustained Spiritual Warfare on all of our media platforms.

In February 2023, we will focus on the decisive elections on 27 February, and on food shortages, inflation, and the economic fallout from the demonetization that has gripped the country.

We thank you for your prayers and partnership contributions that make this prayer assault possible. We are counting on your ongoing financial partnership as we help our Brothers and Sisters to demolish demonic strongholds in Nigeria (2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

Partner with us today and join the WIN intercessory prayer movement to usher in transformation in Nigeria and the rest of the 10/40 Window countries.

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