Murdered for Blasphemy in Pakistan

Muhammad Mushtaq, a mentally unstable Muslim, was murdered by a mob in Punjab, Pakistan the night of Saturday, February 12. The son of a Muslim prayer leader publicly accused him of burning pages of the Koran, Islam’s holy book. Retribution was swift. By the time police arrived, the man [...]

Bhutan Coming Out of Hiding

In the picturesque backdrop of the Himalaya Mountains, Bhutan is one of the least reached and most ignored nations, even by 10/40 Window standards. But it will soon make its way to the attention of Westerners. The Academy Awards nominated "Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom" for an award. Filmed in Bhutan, it is [...]

Afghanistan in an Economic Free Fall

There are two main reasons for Afghanistan’s economic crisis. When U.S. forces left in August, Afghanistan’s assets, many of which were tied up in American banks, were frozen by the international community. Afghanistan’s currency is weak, and most of the world works on the American dollar. Before they are [...]

Militant Hinduism has Consequences

There are many ways that militant religion causes pain and suffering. Sometimes they damage themselves, and other times they harm others. In early January, we have an example of each. Hindu festivals involve tens of thousands of devotees, and deadly stampedes are common. On New Year’s Day, there was [...]

Kazakhstan Breakthrough

Kazakhstan is a Muslim-majority country like none other. When former Soviet Socialist Republics were dissolving in 1990-91, this was the country missionaries went hoping for easy opportunities. The Kazakhs don’t have a culture saturated by Islam, like most others in Central Asia. Their culture is much more like the [...]

Project Impact | November 2022

Dear 10/40 Window Prayer Partner, Thank God that He taught us to abide in Him during these challenging times. The Lord has equipped us to press towards the mark of His high calling on our lives and to be battle ready to fulfill the Great Commission in the 10/40 Window nations. [...]

Somalia’s Al Shabab Militants Murder Children in Somalia

Somalia has faced all the following challenges in 2021: Drought, a locust infestation, and numerous terrorist attacks by Al Shabab. In recent months Al Shabab attacked a convoy of security personnel that guards United Nations staff. Later they attacked soldiers sent by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). [...]

Breakthroughs in India

India’s northern states have been highly unreached since the beginning of time, but we are beginning to see small breakthroughs. Punjab state is almost entirely Sikh and Hindu. Recently there has been a spat of frantic YouTube videos decrying the “conversion” of Sikhs to Christianity. One of them warns [...]

India’s Central State Forbids “Conversion” to Christianity

If someone wanted to become a follower of Christ, should they have to get permission from the government? In India’s central state of Madhya Pradesh, government officials from the Jhabua District are making this demand. The state of Madhya Pradesh has a history of adopting policies favorable to Hindu [...]

Zika Outbreak in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

As of November 9, there were 89 new cases of the Zika virus in the city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh (UP). This is the first time they have found this virus in UP, and health officials say that it can quickly spread in UP which has a population of 204 million. Mosquitos usually spread Zika, but it can [...]

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