Update On Violence In Manipur

Manipur is called the “jewel of India’ because of its location in a valley surrounded by nine hills. But, it doesn’t seem like much of a jewel right now with all of the violence that has been taking place. It is the ethnic clashes between the minority Kuki and majority Meitei communities that started this most recent violence in India’s “jewel.” For many years the 35 different communities have lived together in peace, and then this rivalry and violence between the Kuki and Meitei groups upset the tranquility the region had enjoyed for years. It centers around government benefits based  on their “tribal status.”


Prime Minister Modi addressed the nation as India celebrated its 10th Independence Day. He acknowledged the violence in Manipur, saying the “path for solution in Manipur will be found  through peace. The Centre is making all efforts for a solution and will continue to do so.” Most of his remarks centered around making India a totally developed country as quickly as possible. He further claimed, “It is ‘Modi’s guarantee’ that India will become the 3rd largest global economy in the next 5 years.”


The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is the ruling political party in India under Prime Minister Modi. It appears that the BJP does not want Manipur’s violence to be aired and discussed because “The BJP gagged a Manipur Minister of Parliament (MP) from speaking about Manipur in Parliament. A Union minster from Manipur had his house attacked, but he was not allowed  to talk about it. One high ranking official says, “They have a lot to hide in Manipur.” MP Pfoze, who represents Naga People’s Front from outer Manipur said, “We have been told directly and indirectly not to speak….I wish I were able to express the anguish and pain of my people on the floor of the House.” He continued, “It looks like the government has just allowed firearms to be spread within the community, and the law and order seems to have failed in Manipur.”

Let us pray fervently for:

  • The real truth about all of Manipur’s recent violence to be heard so that the Prime Minister Modi and the government can be transparent to the people of India in how they plan to deal with the issues and the different ethnic communities (The Bible, John 8:32).
  • Prime Minister Modi to act decisively and quickly to stem the violence in Manipur so that the various communities can once again co-exist peacefully (The Bible, 2 Corinthians 13:11).
  • The large Christian community in Manipur to pray for peace and the cessation of violence (The Bible, Romans 13:8).