An Emerging Movement in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a Muslim nation next to Myanmar. For many years, their fellow Muslims from the Rohingya people have come from Myanmar as refugees. The situation has been very difficult for the Rohingyas who had to flee for their lives, as well as for the Bangladeshis who live in [...]

Summer Invades Spring in India

How many of you love springtime? Most likely, the people of India do too. Unfortunately, this spring has become an early extension of summer. Temperatures well over 100F started in March rather than May and June like they do in a normal year. India has seen unprecedented high temperatures [...]

Gender-Based Violence Is Common And Accepted In India

You would think that women of all people would stand up and demand their rights as co-equals with men in a society that totally accepts gender-based violence against them, but that is not the case in India. In most Indian states more women than men justified wife-beating, and except [...]

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Dissolves Parliament

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is a controversial figure in the country’s political turmoil. Pakistan has for years had trouble developing a stable and mature democracy primarily due to what many see as “opportunistic party-switching.” The Prime Minister’s opponents tried to oust him from power with a vote of [...]

Sri Lanka Breakthrough

Sri Lanka is a complex island nation off the coast of India. It has a slight Buddhist majority, but there is also a large Hindu minority. There is a small Christian minority among most ethnic groups, but the gospel has not spread as far as it should. Christian Believers [...]

Pakistan breakthrough

We rarely hear good news coming from Muslim Pakistan. Recent headlines include news of Christians being killed and the downtrodden being sold into virtual slavery. But in the darkness, God shines the brightest. In recent months, that light shined into a roadside café through a worker with Foursquare Mission [...]

Murdered for Blasphemy in Pakistan

Muhammad Mushtaq, a mentally unstable Muslim, was murdered by a mob in Punjab, Pakistan the night of Saturday, February 12. The son of a Muslim prayer leader publicly accused him of burning pages of the Koran, Islam’s holy book. Retribution was swift. By the time police arrived, the man [...]

Bhutan Coming Out of Hiding

In the picturesque backdrop of the Himalaya Mountains, Bhutan is one of the least reached and most ignored nations, even by 10/40 Window standards. But it will soon make its way to the attention of Westerners. The Academy Awards nominated "Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom" for an award. Filmed in Bhutan, it is [...]

Afghanistan in an Economic Free Fall

There are two main reasons for Afghanistan’s economic crisis. When U.S. forces left in August, Afghanistan’s assets, many of which were tied up in American banks, were frozen by the international community. Afghanistan’s currency is weak, and most of the world works on the American dollar. Before they are [...]

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