From Fear to Faith in Afghanistan

With good reason, UNICEF recently designated Afghanistan as the worst place to be born. That country has the highest infant mortality rate, and life is filled with misery from birth to death. One merely survives. People endure a government that has recently massacred people in Panjshir, Andarab, and Balkhab. [...]

Cyclone Mandous Set To Hit Over Southwest Bay Of Bengal

A weather system over the Bay of Bengal is intensifying and threatening Puducherry and Sriharikota in southeast Andhra Pradesh and is due to make landfall on Thursday morning. A red alert has been issued for the districts of Kancheepuram, Chengalpet, and Villupuram which are likely to experience extremely heavy [...]

A New Rise of Totalitarianism in China

China’s 20th National Congress of the Communist Party concluded on 22 October. They could have established a new leader to replace Chinese President Xi Jinping at the end of what should have been his second and final term. Instead, they eliminated term limits, and he will now begin the [...]

Will Persecution Lead to Church Growth in India?

Persecution: It can strengthen the church or kill it. Church history has examples of both. India has had a small church for hundreds of years, and it has seldom reached beyond the low-status communities. The gospel has affected very few high-caste or Muslim communities. When Christian Believers try to [...]

The Curse of Drug Production in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a nation that has successfully forced the withdrawal of three world powers: The British Empire in 1842, the USSR in 1989, and the USA in 2021. The question is: What are they defending? This is a nation noted for shocking cruelty, grinding poverty, and a highly destructive [...]

Devastating Monsoon Ravages Pakistan

Monsoons are a yearly event in Pakistan, but this year’s monsoon has left one-third of the country underwater, an area the size of Wyoming. Not only have many homes been swept away, but vital roads and bridges too have been destroyed, further adding to the chaotic state by disrupting [...]

Sri Lanka Faces An Unprecedented Crises

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa plans to resign this week as a result of a failed political system. His family has controlled politics in the country for many years, but a combination of factors has reached a climax forcing the President to step down: crippling inflation, global spikes in [...]

An Emerging Movement in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a Muslim nation next to Myanmar. For many years, their fellow Muslims from the Rohingya people have come from Myanmar as refugees. The situation has been very difficult for the Rohingyas who had to flee for their lives, as well as for the Bangladeshis who live in [...]

Summer Invades Spring in India

How many of you love springtime? Most likely, the people of India do too. Unfortunately, this spring has become an early extension of summer. Temperatures well over 100F started in March rather than May and June like they do in a normal year. India has seen unprecedented high temperatures [...]

Gender-Based Violence Is Common And Accepted In India

You would think that women of all people would stand up and demand their rights as co-equals with men in a society that totally accepts gender-based violence against them, but that is not the case in India. In most Indian states more women than men justified wife-beating, and except [...]

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