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Spring Gospel Initiatives Spring Forth in Buddhist Thailand

Thailand is a Buddhist country that needs the One who is the way, the truth, and the life. For centuries, they have worshipped spirits and the Buddha to find good fortune in an uncertain world. They need to seek and find the Lord of Lords. Yet, the Thai people [...]

Bringing God’s Holy Fire to the Land of Fire

When one thinks of Azerbaijan, they often think of fire. Natural gas leaks cause fires to burn nonstop in many places. For over 1,000 years, travelers and locals have both been fascinated and fearful of this phenomenon. Fire is also a key symbolic element in Azerbaijan's ancient Zoroastrian religion, [...]

Gold Funds Bloodshed in Sudan

Sudan Population: 41.5 million Christian Percentage: 5 percent Dominant Religion: Islam Persecution Ranking: 10 This month marks the beginning of the second year of a war in Sudan that has destroyed the lives of millions. About 6.3 million are displaced, and nearly two million have left Sudan for [...]

Relationships Are Opening Spiritual Doors in Hindu Nepal

Rarely can someone walk into a Hindu village and preach the gospel. One must first establish relationships based on friendship and trust. That is happening in a particular Nepali village. A missionary team spends time with the children by playing games and leading sports events. Their efforts will eventually [...]

It’s a Long Way Home for Trafficked Cambodian Women

A mission group reports an emerging human trafficking situation in Buddhist Southeast Asia. To address this, the group is rescuing women in the border districts of Myanmar and Thailand. A high percentage of these women are from Cambodia. In recent months, they have rescued 30 women being led to [...]

Pakistan’s Economic Wild Ride

Pakistan Population: 199 million Christian Percentage: .7 percent Dominant religion: Sunni Islam Persecution Ranking: 7   The 2020s started out promising for Muslim Pakistan's important IT economy. In the last five years, their IT businesses grew by 178 percent. Pakistan's IT exports reached 1.29 billion in 2019. It [...]

Is Kais Saied trying to become Tunisia’s dictator?

Is Kais Saied trying to become Tunisia's dictator? The Tunisian President, Kais Saied extended the State of Emergency declared in 2015 until the end of the year. This is the longest an Emergency period has run in Tunisia. Opposition leaders worry that the ruling party will use these extensions to wipe out other parties and [...]

Tunisia Tables Bill to use Central Bank’s Money

Tunisia Tables Bill to use Central Bank's Money The Tunisian Government wants to use the country's Central Bank to borrow from. This is a dangerous move that can influence high inflation and even devaluation of the Tunisian Dinar. It also opens the backdoor for governmental corruption on an unprecedented scale. Tunisia could face a financial [...]

Persecution from Society and Pressure from Family for Moroccan Converts

Persecution from Society and Pressure from Family for Moroccan Converts New Moroccan converts are facing severe persecution in the society as well as pressure from their own families to abandon their new found faith in Jesus Christ. Morocco does not have any laws that prohibit such conversions explicitly however, the new converts can face arrest [...]

Is Morocco Heading Towards a Food Crisis?

Is Morocco Heading Towards a Food Crisis? Seven years of severe drought and a massive drop in rainfall, Morocco has lost most of it's agricultural areas. Almost a million hectares of agricultural lands remain dry with water vanishing from major dams. Although there are plans to generate water needed for irrigation through desalination, it will [...]

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