Torrential Rains in Malaysia

Half of Malaysia’s 16 states had water levels rising to dangerous levels after torrential rains poured down on Friday morning and continued until Monday. Selangor, a wealthy and populous state surrounding the capital city, was hit hard and fast. There was significant harm throughout the state. By Monday the state of Pahang faced even worst damage. As of Wednesday morning, Pahang had 32,000 evacuees out of a total of 51,000. So far, seven people have been confirmed dead, all of them in Selangor.

Now Malaysians must assess the damage and rebuild. There are 66,000 police, army, and fire department personnel seeking to help those stranded by the floods.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • The Lord to hold back further rain so more lives can be spared. (The Bible, Genesis 8:3)
  • The success of rescue workers who are working hard to save lives. (The Bible, Exodus 2:10)
  • Those who are in danger to call on the Name of the Lord and be saved. (The Bible, Romans 7:24-25)