Sudan Prepares for an Unhappy New Year

December 19 should have been a day of commemoration in Sudan. It was the third anniversary of the day when protesters burned the office of the National Congress Party headed by dictator Omar Hassan al-Bashir who ruled Christians in Sudan with an iron fist. The protest set in motion the process of al-Bashir being ousted by his military base on April 11, 2019.

The military continued their control of Sudan’s government and economy for more than two years. The results have been dismal. The unemployment rate is 40 percent, and Sudan’s development indicators are even lower than war-torn Afghanistan and Syria.

Government forces have killed or injured hundreds of protesters since that time. A new coup came about on October 25, and at least 45 more protesters were killed since then according to a doctor’s union.

Sudan gained its independence in 1956, and its history has been one of the coups followed by protests. The Lord taught that leaders need to be the servants of all. Without His input, Sudan will continue this trend into 2022 and beyond.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • The Sudanese people will look for answers in Jesus Christ. (The Bible, Matthew 20:26)
  • Sudanese Muslim leaders will seek the Living God for answers. (The Bible, Acts 13:7)
  • Instead of being another year of oppression, 2022 will be a year of progress, and many people of Sudan will give their lives to Christ. (The Bible, Revelation 22:1-4)