The Nigerian Breakthrough

Nigerian believers are bravely taking Christ to the many unreached people groups in their country and beyond. One of the reasons why the church in Nigeria is so effective is that believers are unified with a common purpose.

The Nigeria Evangelical Missions Association (NEMA) is a network of Nigerian mission efforts. Through cooperation, with the intent of completing the Great Commission, they have achieved the following according to an article in the September-October issue of Mission Frontiers. They identified 72 unreached people groups they wanted to reach, and by this year, 65 percent of them are no longer on their list. Not only that, but most of these groups are now involved as a mission sending force.

They are well on their way to mobilize, train, and send 50,000 Nigerian missionaries within 15 years. They recognize that there are many unreached Muslim people groups in the northern states of their own country, so they started the “Go North” initiative. Four years after identifying 73 unreached people groups, there are only 45 of these without a gospel witness from this initiative.

Let us pray fervently for:

Praise God for what He is doing through the Nigerian Church! (The Bible, 1 Chronicles 29:13).

Pray for workers to go to the remaining 45 unreached Muslim people groups by the end of this decade. (The Bible, Matthew 9:38).

Pray for the Holy Spirit to direct MANI leaders in the years to come. (The Bible, Matthew 9:38).


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