Sri Lanka Breakthrough

Sri Lanka is a complex island nation off the coast of India. It has a slight Buddhist majority, but there is also a large Hindu minority. There is a small Christian minority among most ethnic groups, but the gospel has not spread as far as it should.

Christian Believers are trying to change that. They refer to their team as the “Ashram,” which is a borrowed term. An ashram is a Hindu community devoted to spiritual growth. This so-called Ashram is devoted to spiritual growth in Jesus Christ. It is a network of many streams of house churches that have the common goal of seeing Christ exalted among Sri Lanka’s Hindu people. These house churches spread from one generation to another, to another, and still another. In other words, the house churches plant daughter churches, and the process continues.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • For the Holy Spirit to spread the fame of Jesus Christ far and wide in Sri Lanka (The Bible, Matthew 4:24).
  • For church leaders to raise up other church leaders who can help keep the process going until every village has the aroma of Christ (The Bible, Hebrews 13:7).
  • For spiritual growth that will draw Sri Lankan Hindus to become disciples of Jesus Christ (The Bible, 1 Peter 2:2).


  • A missionary prayer letter

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