Pakistan breakthrough

We rarely hear good news coming from Muslim Pakistan. Recent headlines include news of Christians being killed and the downtrodden being sold into virtual slavery.

But in the darkness, God shines the brightest. In recent months, that light shined into a roadside café through a worker with Foursquare Mission International (FMI). An over-worked 17-year-old waiter could not understand why this Christian was kind to him. After asking why they had a discussion. Part of his explanation came as an audio Bible. The waiter shared it with his family, and they accepted the lordship of Jesus Christ as a family. It didn’t stop there! This waiter and his family invited the FMI workers to show a gospel film to tribal leaders. At the significant risk of persecution, they did just that, and it opened the entire tribe to the lordship of Jesus Christ.This is an excellent example of how the Gospel spreads best through families and ethnic groups. One person can seldom withstand the pressure to return to old ways, but a family or a tribe can do it together.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Praise God for His blessing of this tribe of about 60 people! Ask Him to strengthen them in the Holy Spirit (The Bible, Isaiah 40:29-31).
  • Pray that this movement to Christ will spread to other families and tribes throughout Muslim Pakistan (The Bible, Acts 18:8).
  • Pray for these new believers to be guarded by the power of God (The Bible, 2 Thessalonians 3:3).


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