Cracking the Thai Protective Barrier

Do you like to hear about unreached Muslims embracing Christ? It is rare, but far more common as the final harvest continues in the 21st Century. There is a team of missionaries working among Muslims in the eastern portion of the Persian Gulf. They have managed to win more [...]

Is Indonesia Ready for a Breakthrough?

How do you set expectations? As a rule, you don’t expect large numbers of Muslims to attend Bible studies or receive baptism. It’s very difficult for Muslims to give the Bible a chance, let alone attend Bible studies with those who believe in the Scriptures. That is happening in [...]

Christian Persecution Continues In Indonesia

Christian worshippers in Indonesia were dealt another blow by a radical group who succeeded in shutting down their worship service on March 23. This incident occurred in Bandung, West Java. Their message in a video that went viral threatened, “Stop the illegal HKBP worship plan at the Maris Square [...]

Indonesian Harvest Started With Prayer

1996 was 26 years ago. It was also the year when only 20 out of 163 Indonesian unreached people groups had full-time missionaries. By June, all 163 will have at least one worker taking Christ to them. Seventy of these unreached people groups have four generations of people studying [...]

Myanmar Breakthrough

The Church in Myanmar has faced an uphill battle. Adoniram Judson, one of the first American missionaries to an Asian country, was imprisoned when he tried to take the gospel to the Burmese people over 200 years ago. The situation has been difficult ever since. There have been several [...]

Torrential Rains in Malaysia

Half of Malaysia’s 16 states had water levels rising to dangerous levels after torrential rains poured down on Friday morning and continued until Monday. Selangor, a wealthy and populous state surrounding the capital city, was hit hard and fast. There was significant harm throughout the state. By Monday the [...]

Project Impact | December 2021

Dear 10/40 Window Prayer Partner, Christmas greetings to you and your family. Anxious Afghan citizens watched in horror as the Taliban overran their country in August 2021. Young Afghans have flocked to our WIN Facebook pages for comfort ever since. The world may have forgotten Afghanistan already, yet we, at Window International Network, [...]

Nowhere To Go When the Volcano Blows in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with 130 active volcanos, one of which is Mt. Semeru. This volcano is on the most populous island, Java, home to 145 million people. On Saturday, December 4, Mt. Semeru erupted, killing one and injuring at least 41 from lava burns. There were films of [...]

Cambodia breakthrough

There are many reasons why it will be difficult to reach Cambodia for Christ. Buddhism entered Cambodia in the fifth century and today it is between 85-95 percent Buddhist. About three-fourths of Cambodia is rural, which means that it will be very difficult for the gospel to spread quickly [...]

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