Teaching Cambodians the Way of the Lord

What does it mean to make disciples? In simple terms, it means helping people to become like Christ. Discipleship involves training in the Word, but it also means accountability. “Teaching them to obey” through the Word is accompanied by asking hard questions about daily life with the end goal [...]

Moken Sea Gypsies Can Become Natural Evangelists!

Myanmar persecution ranking: 14 The unreached Moken people are nicknamed the “sea gypsies” of the Andaman Sea for a reason. They are nomads who travel by water. For decades they have been an unreached people group in just about all Southeast Asian countries where they reside, including Myanmar. Now [...]

Scam Artists in Cambodia Using Victims of Human Trafficking

BASIC INFORMATION ON CAMBODIA PRAYER PAGE Chief of State: King Norodom Sihamoni Head of Government: Prime Minister Hun Sen Population: 15,288,489 Christians: 3.2% Evangelical Christians: 1.6% Have you ever received an unwanted phone call or email from someone claiming if you send money you will get great returns or [...]

A New Year for Unity in the Church

Thailand and Myanmar are both Buddhist countries. There are a small number of Christian believers from Myanmar in Thailand, but they are divided. The few churches have had theological differences. It’s also hard for them to unite because of ethnic differences. In a different spirit, one discipleship team is [...]

Are 850,000 Muslim Background Believers Enough to Impress You?

There have been secular efforts where one person doesn’t just sell items; he recruits others to sell them. That way, the number of sales multiplies rather than “adds.” The same is true for winning people to Christ. One person can use a simple evangelistic approach and ask people to [...]

What is there not to Like About a Disciple Making App?

What happens when missionaries yearn to see God’s Kingdom extend into a place where persecution and government surveillance frequently stop it cold? The countries of North Africa are Muslim, and the governments do not want the gospel to make inroads. Christian Workers must find ways to get in … [...]

Election Crisis In Malaysia

Malaysia does have a king, but his position is more ceremonial than functional as the Prime Minister is the “hands-on” leader of the country. In its recent election for the position, the Prime Minster’s position is in a virtual tie with neither candidate receiving the required majority vote. In [...]

Coffee and Christ Come Together in Thailand

The Apostle Paul warns his readers in 2 Corinthians 9 that whoever sows sparingly will reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will reap generously. This is a great exhortation to spread the seed of the gospel far and wide. Fortunately, even “scattered” seeds can also bring about a harvest. [...]

Cracking the Thai Protective Barrier

Do you like to hear about unreached Muslims embracing Christ? It is rare, but far more common as the final harvest continues in the 21st Century. There is a team of missionaries working among Muslims in the eastern portion of the Persian Gulf. They have managed to win more [...]

Is Indonesia Ready for a Breakthrough?

How do you set expectations? As a rule, you don’t expect large numbers of Muslims to attend Bible studies or receive baptism. It’s very difficult for Muslims to give the Bible a chance, let alone attend Bible studies with those who believe in the Scriptures. That is happening in [...]

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