Violence against women Has Deep Roots in China

In June, a group of unknown men beat a group of women and kicked them in the head in the city of Tangshan. The assailants used bottles and chairs in this unprovoked attack. In January, a woman was chained by her neck in a shack. These two incidents have [...]

Somalia In Desperate Need Of Humanitarian Relief

Somalia, situated on the horn of Africa, is on the horns of a dilemma – looming famine. Unless this plight catches the eye of the world in the midst of the bigger headlines about the Russian/Ukrainian conflict, this impoverished nation’s pending disaster may go largely unnoticed. Martin Griffiths, the [...]

Is China Having a Family Crisis?

China’s marriage rates have been on the decline for eight years while their divorce rates are climbing dramatically. 2021 saw the lowest birth rate since 1949 and the lowest population growth in 60 years, according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics. Clearly, the world’s second-biggest nation will face major [...]

Over 200 Feared Dead In Ethiopian Massacre

An ongoing civil war threatens to tear apart Ethiopia, Africa’s second-largest nation. The latest event is a massacre of over 200 members of the Amhara ethnic group on Sunday, 19 June. Witnesses of the massacre claim it was the Oromo Liberation Army (O.L.A.) that committed the atrocity. It is [...]

Jihadi Rebels Kill 132 Civilians In Central Mali

A recent attack by Jihadi rebels killed 132 civilians in central Mali. The attacks indicate that extremist violence is spreading from northern Mali to the more central areas. The government claimed the attacks were carried out by Jihadi rebels of the Katiba group. A U.N. peacekeeping mission began in [...]

Who Is Chad’s Worst Enemy?

Chad is poor, even by sub-Saharan African standards. There is a life expectancy of 49 years, and over 85 percent of their people face regular hunger. A high percentage of the people in Chad live and die by agriculture. There are farmers trying to eke out a living on [...]

Strategic Prayer Campaign – Nigeria

Dear 10/40 Window Prayer Partner, Warm Kingdom greetings! Thank you for your faithful and consistent prayers. There is a high risk of civil war in Sudan yet again. Despite attempts to call for a truce, the chances of a prolonged conflict are growing. Just this week, more [...]

Rebel Forces Are Advancing On Ethiopia’s Capital

On Tuesday, November 2, Ethiopia's Council of Ministers declared a nationwide state of emergency following the seizure of two key towns in the Amhara region by Tigrayan forces. Almost a year ago to the day, on November 4, 2020, Prime Minister Abiy of Ethiopia launched an attack on the Tigray [...]

Guinea’s Coup D’etat Further Destabilizes The Country

President Alpha Conde of Guinea in West Africa was deposed in Sunday’s coup d’etat which left the country reeling from heavy gunfire in Conakry around the presidential palace. There shortly followed an announcement on state television that the 83-year-old president was out and that the government had been dissolved [...]

Mali’s Interim President Survives an Attempted Assassination

Mali’s interim President Assimi Goita was the target of an attempted stabbing on Tuesday, 20 July. The attack occurred at the Grand Mosque in the capital, Bamako, marking the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha. The attacker was quickly subdued by authorities. He posed as an usher at the mosque. [...]

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