Who Is Chad’s Worst Enemy?

Chad is poor, even by sub-Saharan African standards. There is a life expectancy of 49 years, and over 85 percent of their people face regular hunger.

A high percentage of the people in Chad live and die by agriculture. There are farmers trying to eke out a living on land where water is increasingly scarce. Lake Chad, which provided water for four countries, has lost 90 percent of its size since 1963. Those who herd livestock face poverty for the same reason. “Water is life” is not just a slogan for farmers and herders.

Chad could turn to mining. This country might have gold, silver, diamonds, and quartz. They haven’t adequately explored the possibilities. It would take much effort to explore these possibilities.

Instead, rebel groups and a corrupt government fight against one another for finite resources. The government of Chad has an interlocking system of corruption that stops aid from getting to those who need it. The media is controlled by the government, so they will never report abuse and corruption. The police and the business community answer to bribes. Legitimate grievances that make it to a Chadian court of law face another wall of corruption.

With no other choice, poor Chadian families often sell their children to those who will use them in human trafficking and prostitution. There is no end in sight as we enter 2022.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Those who are guilty of twisting justice will be called to account. (The Bible, Daniel 9:5-6)
  • For a Holy Spirit revival of hearts in Chad that will lead to change. (The Bible, James 4:8)
  • For repentance among government leaders and rebel groups that are destroying the lives of innocent people. (The Bible, Luke 3:14 )


Image courtesy: Canva.com