Discovery Bible Studies in the Middle East

Can any of you think of a better way for Muslims to understand true Christianity than by studying the Bible? In one of the Arab Muslim countries, some people are looking for better answers than the works-righteousness taught in the Quran. They know there must be spiritual answers, and they aren’t finding them in their religion.

A team of Christian Believers in a Muslim-dominated city finds people like this and gathers them together for Discovery Bible Studies (DBS), a method of discipleship where people use the Bible to understand what it means to follow Christ. By reading the Scriptures and discussing the meaning, Muslims must think about how faith in Jesus Christ is different than a religious system. In a sense, the Scriptures help them to know if they want to follow Christ, and if not, they understand what and Who they are rejecting. It helps Muslims to clearly understand what Christian Believers believe.

The end goal is that there will be many Muslim Background Believers who can disciple others. The team wants self-sustaining and reproducing disciple-making movements to Christ. They hope that both Muslim Arabs and Muslims from other ethnic groups find their way to the Savior.

Let us pray fervently for:

Pray that these Muslim men and women will continue to engage with God’s Word and share what they learn with others. (The Bible, Acts 17:11)

Pray that these groups will lead to many other Discovery Bible groups that will multiply even more! (The Bible, Acts 17:12)

Pray that Seeds of the Gospel sown in this city will make their way throughout the entire Muslim region (The Bible, Acts 8:4).

Pray that out of this city, the Gospel message will be taken into places where Westerners cannot go and will take root and flourish in forgotten and neglected areas. (The Bible, Acts 8:26-27)


  • A missionary prayer letter in October 2021.

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