Coming to Thailand: A Christian Center

Does it help to have a location for prayer and discipleship? Of course! It’s helpful to have a convenient place for everyone to come together where everyone knows the place to meet.

Chiang Mai is a beehive of activities in northern Thailand; there are many Christian organizations in that city. Having a place for Christian Believers to come together to pray and seek God’s direction would be helpful for many. It can also potentially help different organizations learn from one another.

Those who want to build this center have big plans. It will be a place where there is an ongoing prayer for spiritual eyes to be open in Thailand. They will also disciple and equip new Believers. Discipling and equipping both take many months. When they are ready, new Thai disciples can be trained and mobilized to serve others, winning Buddhists to Christ’s kingdom.

Thai Believers will probably face different challenges than people face in either Muslim or Hindu parts of the world. Instead of trying to stop the Gospel, Buddhists often allow for Gospel witnesses. But they believe that Jesus is best for Westerners, but Gautama Buddha is best for them. It’s challenging for them to accept that Jesus Christ is the Name above all names.

Let us pray fervently for:

Pray for Thai Buddhists to understand that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and why His name is above all names (The Bible, Philippians 2:9).

Pray for the Lord to provide all the resources for this new effort (The Bible, I Chronicles 29:9).

Pray for this building to be used for many years to extend Christ’s Kingdom in Southeast Asia (The Bible, Matthew 13:8)


  • An October 2021 missionary newsletter

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