Over 200 Feared Dead In Ethiopian Massacre

An ongoing civil war threatens to tear apart Ethiopia, Africa’s second-largest nation. The latest event is a massacre of over 200 members of the Amhara ethnic group on Sunday, 19 June. Witnesses of the massacre claim it was the Oromo Liberation Army (O.L.A.) that committed the atrocity. It is [...]

Jihadi Rebels Kill 132 Civilians In Central Mali

A recent attack by Jihadi rebels killed 132 civilians in central Mali. The attacks indicate that extremist violence is spreading from northern Mali to the more central areas. The government claimed the attacks were carried out by Jihadi rebels of the Katiba group. A U.N. peacekeeping mission began in [...]

Fulani Strike Again In Nigeria

Saint Francis Xavier Church in Owo, Nigeria was the scene of the latest attack by the Fulani. The attackers threw explosive devices into the church indiscriminately, followed by shooting through the windows. There were many children present in an area set aside for them to sit following their Sunday [...]

Building Collapses In Iran

“I thought that it was an earthquake at first,” said Ahmad, a shop owner in Abadan, Iran. Then he found out that a building under construction had collapsed just above his head. The lower floor of the building was completed, and people were shopping when the event occurred on [...]

Gender-Based Violence Is Common And Accepted In India

You would think that women of all people would stand up and demand their rights as co-equals with men in a society that totally accepts gender-based violence against them, but that is not the case in India. In most Indian states more women than men justified wife-beating, and except [...]

Christian Persecution Continues In Indonesia

Christian worshippers in Indonesia were dealt another blow by a radical group who succeeded in shutting down their worship service on March 23. This incident occurred in Bandung, West Java. Their message in a video that went viral threatened, “Stop the illegal HKBP worship plan at the Maris Square [...]

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Dissolves Parliament

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is a controversial figure in the country’s political turmoil. Pakistan has for years had trouble developing a stable and mature democracy primarily due to what many see as “opportunistic party-switching.” The Prime Minister’s opponents tried to oust him from power with a vote of [...]

Crisis In Libya: Presidential Election Or Not?

Why does Libya periodically appear in the headlines? It’s a North African country with a lot of deserts. Yes, but it also is rich in natural resources, and other less blessed nations seem to gravitate toward those countries that can be useful to them.  We have all heard of [...]

Strong Earthquake Hits Japan

Wednesday, March 16, a powerful 7.3 earthquake occurred off the coast of Fukushima in northern Japan. A tsunami advisory ensued. The quake struck 36 miles below the sea. The advisory warned of potentially disastrous waves for coastal communities within 186 miles of the epicenter. The earthquake hit during the [...]

Saudi Arabia Shocks Western World With Its 81 Executions

Saudi Arabia shocked the Western World with a mass execution of 81 people on Saturday, March 11. They were allegedly convicted of crimes that ranged from killings to belonging to militant groups. The notoriety of this offense is that it is the largest mass execution carried out in the [...]

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