Will Persecution Lead to Church Growth in India?

Persecution: It can strengthen the church or kill it. Church history has examples of both. India has had a small church for hundreds of years, and it has seldom reached beyond the low-status communities. The gospel has affected very few high-caste or Muslim communities. When Christian Believers try to reach beyond the low caste groups, they get hit with persecution.

Church leaders are especially feeling the pressure. House churches are often under the radar screens of would-be persecutors. Disciple Making Movements, where one disciples others who disciple still others, are moving throughout India. Once there is a strong network of disciplers, the gospel is unstoppable!

Let us pray fervently for:

  • For the power of the gospel and boldness for those attempting to take Christ to those outside His kingdom (The Bible, Acts 4:29).
  • For the Church to multiply as the Indian government increases its persecution (The Bible, Acts 5:39).
  • That Christian Believers will use fervent prayer as their weapon against persecution (The Bible, Acts 4:31).


A Missionary Prayer Letter