Violence Continues to Escalate in India’s Manipur Province

Once again ethnic clashes have broken out between the  minority Kuki and majority Meitei communities in India’s Manipur province. Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi surveyed the relief camps and reported, “I met people of all communities….The basic amenities at the camps need to be improved. Food needs to be improved, medicines need to be supplied.”


Why all of this violence? Benefits! A court ruled the Meiteis a “tribal status” that provides them economic benefits and quotas in government jobs and education. Homes, shops, churches, and other buildings have been destroyed in angry mob attacks. Thousands of additional armed forces have been called in to quell the violence. Gandhi has beseeched the government to give aid to the people who have been displaced by violence.


One young woman looked back as she was escaping to see her home being consumed in flames. She remarked, “We never thought of this. The attack on us was properly planned. Unless and until the conflict is ended by the government, I think we will have to stay like this.”


There have been attempts in Manipur to end the violence and bring peace. Women have been at the forefront of this effort. They have been organizing peace marches to end the violence. In many ways Manipur is a microcosm of India itself. It is called mini India because around 35 communities have been residing together for so many years without any violence. Manipur is now divided between the two sides, Meiteis in the valley and the Kukis in the hills. Each side defending its own territory.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • The leaders of the Meiteis and Kukis communities to meet together in a truce situation in order to really listen to the other side’s complaints, and to realize that in many cases, their anger is against the government, not each other (The Bible, Nehemiah 5:7).
  • The elders to be consulted and heard. They often have a history and knowledge that younger zealots need to hear (The Bible, Psalm 105:22).
  • The Christian believers of this area to earnestly pray and seek the Lord’s guidance in restoring peace in the region (The Bible, 2 Chronicles 7:14).)