Update On Violence In Manipur

Manipur is called the “jewel of India’ because of its location in a valley surrounded by nine hills. But, it doesn’t seem like much of a jewel right now with all of the violence that has been taking place. It is the ethnic clashes between the minority Kuki and [...]

Ethnic Violence Rocks India’s Manipur State

Your first question might be where is Manipur? It is a state in northeastern India largely isolated from the major part of the country. There are several diverse ethnic groups living there. Manipur has been in the news lately because of the violence that has occurred. Hundreds have been [...]

Violence Continues to Escalate in India’s Manipur Province

Once again ethnic clashes have broken out between the  minority Kuki and majority Meitei communities in India’s Manipur province. Indian opposition leader Rahul Gandhi surveyed the relief camps and reported, “I met people of all communities....The basic amenities at the camps need to be improved. Food needs to be [...]

Ethnic Violence Rocks India’s Northeastern State Of Manipur

Persecution against Christians is not a thing of the past. It is very much alive and growing around the world, as in the case of Manipur state in India. Men, women, and children have been beaten and attacked by ravaging mobs. Houses and entire villages have been set on [...]

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