Project Impact | November 2021

Warm Kingdom greetings! Thank you for your prayers.

In Afghanistan, sportswomen are facing death as the Taliban beheaded Volleyball Junior Mahjabin Hakimi in cold blood. They are not alone. Former female judges, lawyers, activists, teachers, bankers, governors, and anyone who dared to live a progressive life in Afghanistan until the Taliban takeover, are in danger.

Sudan joined Afghanistan this week as a country whose efforts at democracy were uprooted by military action. The coup threatens all the progress made in the country since the 2019 ouster of long-term dictator Omar al-Bashir.

The unrest in the 10/40 Window region is increasing dangerously beyond its usual threshold. Furthermore, the Covid 19 Pandemic continues to plague the poor and rich alike.

We swung into action by

  • Training leaders of several Churches and Mission organizations in the 10/40 Window region.
  • We mobilized global prayers by hosting a Zoom through our Regional Prayer Call on 28th October 2021.
  • We published October Mission Daily Devotionals for our partners.
  • While continuing our intercessory prayer campaign on social media platforms.

Thank you for your prayers and for your financial partnership that made this possible. We are counting on your ongoing financial partnership with us throughout November 2021 as we slowly but surely demolish the demonic strongholds in our beloved 10/40 Window region (The Bible, (2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

Partner with us today and join the WIN intercessory prayer movement to usher in transformation in 10/40 Window countries.

Your partnership gift of $10$25, or more will make a prodigious difference in bringing hope and purpose to the people we reach out to with the Gospel.