Prayer Must Come Before a Media Outreach in the Persian Gulf

Petro dollars have made the countries of the Persian Gulf region wealthy. The local Arabic-speaking people are almost entirely Muslim, but they hire people from all over the world. Though most of their guest workers are also Muslim, others follow Christ. There is a team of Christ followers who are seeking to create videos and other content for social media. By doing this, they hope the Muslims will understand and embrace the fact that Jesus died on the cross, and that this is the only way for their sins to be forgiven. They hope to find those who are hungry for spiritual truth. This won’t happen until spiritual obstacles are removed, and this only comes about through prayer. This team is partnering with other Christ followers to launch what they call a “Year of Prayer” for the nation. (The name of the nation is not revealed for security reasons). While developing their videos, many will spend an entire year praying and fasting for good soil and open hearts. We can join them in prayer right now, and God will bring about spiritual miracles!

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Thousands of Christian Believers to faithfully pray for the Kingdom of God to come to the Persian Gulf (The Bible, Acts 12:10-12).
  • Muslim hearts to be open to hear and receive spiritual truth (The Bible, Acts 8:27-28).
  • A rapidly expanding church planting movement to spread throughout the Persian Gulf region (The Bible, Acts 2:21).


A missionary prayer letter