Nowhere To Go When the Volcano Blows in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country with 130 active volcanos, one of which is Mt. Semeru. This volcano is on the most populous island, Java, home to 145 million people.

On Saturday, December 4, Mt. Semeru erupted, killing one and injuring at least 41 from lava burns. There were films of people fleeing an enormous cloud of ash that blocked out the sun. Fortunately, this volcano is on the opposite side of Java from Jakarta, the capital city.

Thick smoke, a power outage, and rains that might cause mudslides all challenge rescue efforts. Right this minute, emergency workers are trying to move everyone to safety. They need our prayers now!

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Emergency workers to find those who need help the most. The Bible, Proverbs 24:11
  • Physical protection for those in danger. The Bible, Psalm 91:7
  • The people in harm’s way to put their trust in the Lord. The Bible, Isaiah 40:31
  • The Lord to calm the volcano and save lives. The Bible, Mark 4:37-40