North Africa breakthrough: Dreams and Bible Studies

In his book, “A Wind in the House of Islam,” David Garrison points out that there has been an unprecedented harvest among Muslims in the 20th century that is accelerating in the 21st century. Much of his research involves personal interviews. They would ask, “What did God use to bring you to faith in Jesus Christ? Tell me your story.” Frequently, the revelation of Christ came from the Bible and/or a dream.

There is a team of disciplers in a North African country that calls themselves the Epicenter Team. They are winning Muslims to Christ using both. They and local believers ask Muslims if they have had dreams of Jesus. In the last couple of months, one Muslim woman said she had such dreams four nights in a row! She was eager to get a Bible. This team offers Discovery Bible Studies. These Bible studies help people to discover the glory of the Lord, the way to salvation, and how to live out the Christian faith.

Let us pray fervently for:

Pray that truth-seekers and disciples who are involved in discovery Bible studies will continue to hunger and thirst after God (The Bible, Psalm 63:1-5).

Pray for them to find others in their communities who will join them as faithful disciples of Jesus (The Bible, Acts 8:4).

Ask God to bring whole households to faith who will read and obey the Bible together (The Bible, Acts 16:31).


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