Indonesian Harvest Started With Prayer

1996 was 26 years ago. It was also the year when only 20 out of 163 Indonesian unreached people groups had full-time missionaries. By June, all 163 will have at least one worker taking Christ to them. Seventy of these unreached people groups have four generations of people studying the Bible together regularly. That means that one person started a Bible study, and the people in that group started others. People in the second group started a third Bible study, and those Bible students started the fourth one.

Why is there such a harvest in this Muslim part of the world? Most likely, prayer is a key element. There are at least three prayer movements that consistently pray for Indonesia. One of these prays for one specific ethnic group, another focuses on people who speak a Malay-based language, and the other prays for each of the main islands of Indonesia. The harvest is plentiful, and the workers are going!

Let us pray fervently for:

Thank the Lord for bringing in the harvest (The Bible, John 4:42).

A complete harvest (The Bible, John 4:35).

All missionaries to be empowered by the Holy Spirit (The Bible, Acts 1:8).


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