God is Bringing Beauty From Ashes in Myanmar!

For decades, the government in Myanmar has been noted for brutality and oppression. There have been about 40,000 innocent people killed in a needless civil war. There are countless internally displaced people, meaning those who are forced to leave their homes and settle elsewhere in the country because of the violence.

Out of the ashes of destruction, God brings beauty! Millions are hearing the gospel. Internally displaced people are desperate for mercy and truth. Recent reports indicate that 70 percent of them accept Jesus at their first hearing! The gospel is reaching all kinds of people. A top general has heard of Jesus in a church. Buddhist monks and Muslim mullahs sometimes welcome “Good News people” to share the ways of Christ in their pagodas, monasteries, and mosques.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Thank God that He brings beauty out of ashes! (The Bible, Isaiah 61:3).
  • Pray for the gospel to be sown deep and wide (The Bible, Matthew 13:23).
  • Pray for a release of hope, joy, and power in the Holy Spirit for all who hear (The Bible, Job 5:16).
  • Pray for favor among community leaders that lead to lasting opportunities to plant churches and make disciples in new parts of Myanmar (The Bible, John 7:50-51).


A missionary prayer letter