In Iran, Mosques Close Where Nobody Goes

Iran: Population: 81,824,000 Christian percentage: .8 percent Dominant Religion: Shia Islam Persecution Ranking: 8 1979, Iran experienced a revolution that ushered in an Islamic theocracy. Iranians believed this would spiritually purify their nation. The 1979 Iranian Revolution was blended with nationalism. They hoped for Iran to become the powerful [...]

Middle Eastern Women Trapped at Home

If you are reading this articles, more than likely you live in the United States or another country that allows freedom of the press, free speech, and other freedoms that Western society takes for granted. However, those freedoms do not exist for many Middle Eastern nations, and they particularly [...]

What is Next for Muslim Turkey?

What would you think if a group of people you regarded as enemies were the first to help you after a natural disaster? Would that change the way you viewed them? That is a question Turkish Muslims must now ask themselves. Though Turkey was the location for many of [...]

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