Bible Translation for a Tribe in Libya

According to missionary statesman, Don Richardson, Christianity survived in Egypt while dying out in other parts of North Africa. The reason for the Church’s survival largely has to do with the Bible being translated into the local language. Egyptians had ownership of the Word of God, thus they felt free to allow their Savior to own them!

The indigenous peoples of North Africa are called Berber, a derisive term coined by the Romans, or Amazigh, meaning “Free men.” They have several languages, some of which need their own translation. If the Word of God were in their languages, there would be great potential for a massive movement to Christ.

As you read this, one of the Amazigh languages is being translated for a tribe in Libya. They are making progress, but there are always disagreements about accuracy.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Unity and wisdom permeate this Bible translation (The Bible, Matthew 18:19-20).
  • Thank the Lord for sending the right people to help with the life-changing translation project (The Bible, 1 Timothy 1:2).
  • Many Muslim Background Believers pray and go to ensure this Amazigh group is reached for Christ (The Bible, Mathew 9:37-38).


A Missionary Prayer Letter