Are 850,000 Muslim Background Believers Enough to Impress You?

There have been secular efforts where one person doesn’t just sell items; he recruits others to sell them. That way, the number of sales multiplies rather than “adds.” The same is true for winning people to Christ. One person can use a simple evangelistic approach and ask people to put their faith in Christ. The results are additions to the Kingdom of God. Another way is to get strong Christian believers to disciple someone, often by teaching from the Bible, and challenging them to do two things: Do something to obey the verse and teach the verse to someone else. That person teaches others, and so on. When that happens, the number of Christian believers multiplies rather than adds. It can become a Disciple-Making Movement.

At a meeting in October, mission leaders learned that the Indonesian brethren have done this so effectively that they are reporting 850,000 Muslim background believers in God’s Kingdom! This is affecting 30 unreached people groups in Indonesia and 20 outside that Muslim-majority country.

Will this process continue into 2023? Apathy or persecution can stop a movement. Prayer is our battle tool to make sure the Kingdom growth continues indefinitely!

Let us pray fervently for:

  • The number of Muslim background believers to multiply throughout 2023 and beyond (The Bible, Acts 6:7).
  • The Lord to show His children whom to approach (The Bible, Acts 8:26-27).
  • God’s Word to have a strong, lasting impact on the Muslim society (The Bible, Isaiah 55:11).


A missionary prayer letter