A Port and A Call to Christ in North Africa

Port cities have always been places where new ideas flourish. Even in the Muslim Arab World, there are people in the port areas who will hear and embrace new ideas.

There is a “Port Team” that wants to see a church planting movement among Muslims in an Arab port city. They are sowing broadly, investing in people’s lives, seeking persons of peace, and discipling those who will hear the life-changing gospel. There are excellent media tools available for Arabs. A member of this team had a God-ordained appointment with someone who is generating media contacts hoping to use these tools to win and disciple Arabic speakers. They offer an app with gospel materials in various Arabic dialects. This summer, there are short-term missionaries who can help distribute this app far and wide.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • That the Port Team will find persons of peace who will welcome Christ’s ambassadors and the gospel into their families (The Bible, John 4:28-30).
  • Ask God for the lives of the short-termers to be forever impacted by their time in North Africa. (The Bible, Luke 10:17-20).
  • Pray for the hearts of people in Port City to have good soil to hear the Word, do what it says, and find spiritual riches in Christ (The Bible, Matthew 13:1-9).


A Missionary Prayer Letter