The Evacuation Efforts In Afghanistan Remain Fluid As Situation Changes Hourly

The only predictable aspect of the evacuation efforts of Allied Forces and refugees in Afghanistan is its unpredictability. The situation changes hourly amid chaos from all quarters. The Taliban has said it will uphold evacuation efforts by August 31, but history has proved that we cannot depend on the Taliban’s word. The whimsical group could change its mind and its tactics at a moment’s notice. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken says the US will use “every diplomatic, economic assistance tool to ensure those who want to leave Afghanistan past 31 August can do so.” He also added that the US would continue to push for vulnerable Afghans to leave the country after the military departure.

The fluid situation makes it difficult to accurately assess the numbers of allies left in the country. Blinken said that there were roughly 6,000 Americans in Afghanistan on 14 August before the Taliban took control of the government. Since then about 4,500 have been evacuated, but there may be many who have not contacted the state department. Planes are leaving Kabul every half hour. President Biden has ordered commercial planes to assist in the airlifts. He stresses that the risk of a terrorist attack at the Kabul airport is growing with every day US forces are on the ground. Many world leaders have urged the United State to delay its final exit from Afghanistan to ensure that all citizens of other countries can be evacuated safely. Many lawmakers have urged President Biden to extend the deadline. Representative Elissa Slotkin of Michigan and a former C.I.A. officer, and defense official said, “I want the U.S. to be known as a nation that takes risks for those who risk everything for us.“

Let us pray fervently for:

  • The Lord God Almighty to intervene in this effort to safely evacuate thousands of allied forces and Afghans who are at risk of death and/or reprisal from the Taliban (The Bible, Revelation 18:1).
  • Anti-Taliban forces to successfully thwart the Taliban’s ruthless attacks on helpless citizens, particularly women (The Bible, Psalm 29:7).
  • God to use the prayers of God’s people to destroy the efforts of satan to stir up strife and discord in this war-torn nation (The Bible, Ephesians 6:12).
  • God to change this volatile situation into an opportunity for sharing the Gospel message with those who have no hope (The Bible, Romans 8:15).
  • Those warring factions like the Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and Mujahedeen terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan to have a “Road to Damascus “ experience like the Apostle Paul and give their lives to the Lord (The Bible, Acts 9:1-10).