Parenting Class for Muslim Syrian Refugees

Who knows the best way to raise children? Our Heavenly Father, of course! There is much in the Bible about how to raise children. The Old Testament offers both good and bad examples of parenting. Proverbs gives us guidelines through short exhortations. The New Testament epistles give essential exhortations for both parents and children.

Ramadan is now over for Muslims all over the world. Syrian refugees in tent camps will soon return to Syria to restore relationships they had before the war-induced ordeal. They will return to schools and neighborhoods where Islam offers the answers to life’s problems. There is a team of Christian believers who want to show them a better way. That way is in the Bible! Mothers can learn from team members about discipline tempered by grace and love, as spelled out in the Scriptures. These teachings can lead to deep conversations and prayer for real family issues that only God can resolve.

Another team has established an English language center for students. They can learn the English language and also the ways of the only Savior.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Pray for each team member to be guided by the Holy Spirit (The Bible, Acts 7:55).
  • Pray for students and their parents to take the chance to hear and respond to Jesus Christ (The Bible, Acts 16:14).
  • Pray for Syrian refugees, despite their dire circumstances, to find hope and joy in the One who paid for their sins (The Bible, Romans 15:13).


A missionary prayer letter