Military Junta Creates Chaos in Myanmar

In February, Myanmar’s military staged a coup, ousting the civilian government led by Aung San Suu Kyi which won in a landslide election. Resistance and demonstrations against the takeover have steadily increased as civilians face horror and inhumanity at the hands of the Junta. More than 800 have been killed, mostly peaceful protestors and bystanders. Militia groups are forming and taking up arms against the military. Thousands have been forced to flee into the jungles without food and shelter. Others have fled to India, Thailand and China seeking refuge. The U.S. Embassy in Myanmar said the military’s use of “weapons of war against civilians, including this week in Myanmar, is further demonstration of the depths the regime will sink to hold onto power.”

A Christian worker in Myanmar says, “The situation is worse, and we perceive that it will terribly worsen in the near future. It is most likely we are having civil war.” She further states almost all the government institutions and offices, as well as factories and companies are not functioning anymore. Even the banks are running out of cash, so that people are not allowed to withdraw their own money. Small groups of civilians are joining together to fight against the military, even using homemade guns, but they are unable to compete against military grade armaments. Some townships are now under martial law. Those fleeing to the jungle are ill-equipped to stay there for any length of time due to the harsh circumstances. The junta has commanded all ground troops to severely subdue and kill the demonstrators. People involved in demonstrations or doing charity work are being arrested in their homes at night.

Complicating matters is the strong occult presence in the country. The current military leader is helped by a wicked monk named Wazibait, a practitioner of witchcraft; he worships Nagar, the Dragon. Statues of the dragon are everywhere there is a pagoda. The worship of other evil spirits permeates all parts of Myanmar. The country needs to be set free from these occult practices.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • The occult spiritual forces to be bound in Jesus’ name and driven under his feet so that Myanmar can be set free from such occult influences (The Bible, Matthew 18:18-20).
  • The reign of terror by the military regime to be eradicated (The Bible, Psalm 91:5).
  • Divine protections and intervention to thwart the efforts of the military against innocent civilians trying to survive and defend their families (The Bible, 2 Kings 6:17).
  • Pray for the small Christian presence in Myanmar to grow in faith and prayer for their nation, ready to reap a harvest of souls for Jesus Christ when this chaos and insurrection is over (The Bible, Galatians 6:9).