May the Lord Enlarge Their Tent as they Minister in Cambodia!

How many of you have been on a short-term mission trip? There is a team of long-term workers in Buddhist Cambodia who hosted a short-term team in May. This missionary team has been in Cambodia for years, inviting these Buddhists to consider the claims of Christ. They want to be used by God to start a long-lasting church planting movement. One of their efforts involves a human trafficking prevention program.

No matter what they do, it must begin with establishing trusting relationships with the local people. They need to develop these relationships and pass the torch of the gospel to the local people to continue the work years after they leave.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • That their tent—their capacity and ability to bring people in—will be enlarged, their cords lengthened, and their stakes strengthened (The Bible, Isaiah 54:2-3).
  • For God to open new villages where the team can begin human trafficking prevention programs (The Bible, Mark 1:38).
  • For a church-planting movement to flourish, led by Buddhist background believers, and be ready to deal with social injustice (The Bible, Exodus 6:6).
  • For lasting fruit to come from the recent short-term team (The Bible, John 15:16).


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