Heavy Rains Lead to Floods and Death in Chennai

This is the rainy season in Chennai, India, and this year they are heavier than they have been since 2015 when 200 people died in floods. Fortunately, the death count is much lower this time. Twelve have been killed as of November 10. The heavy rains are still pounding the area, so the danger continues. Uprooted trees are blocking roads, and cars are damaged by water. Many shopping for essential commodities find themselves treading through knee-high water levels. The rains are taxing the infrastructure of Chennai. To avoid the danger of electrocution, the government shut down the power grid in parts of the city. If the rains continue, other low-elevation areas of Chennai will be in danger.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • For God’s mercy for those who are most vulnerable to flooding, cholera, and electrocution. (The Bible, Genesis 9:11)
  • Thank God that He is a God of life! Pray that He will save lives in Chennai. (The Bible, Genesis 2:7)
  • Illegal building has left Chennai vulnerable to flood damage; pray for God to raise up righteous decision makers. (The Bible, Philippians 2:3)