Gold Funds Bloodshed in Sudan

Sudan Population: 41.5 million Christian Percentage: 5 percent Dominant Religion: Islam Persecution Ranking: 10 This month marks the beginning of the second year of a war in Sudan that has destroyed the lives of millions. About 6.3 million are displaced, and nearly two million have left Sudan for [...]

Pakistan’s Economic Wild Ride

Pakistan Population: 199 million Christian Percentage: .7 percent Dominant religion: Sunni Islam Persecution Ranking: 7   The 2020s started out promising for Muslim Pakistan's important IT economy. In the last five years, their IT businesses grew by 178 percent. Pakistan's IT exports reached 1.29 billion in 2019. It [...]

Sudan Will Not Have a Happy New Year in 2024

Sudan Population: 41.5 million Christian Percentage: 5 percent Dominant Religion: Islam Persecution Ranking: 10   Last April, fighting resumed between the government’s military, the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), and rebels from the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). The fighting shows no sign of stopping, and it’s getting so bad that [...]

The Many Reasons for Starvation in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Population: 32,225,000 Christian Percentage: Unknown Dominant religion: Islam Persecution Ranking: 9 The news has predicted probable famine in Afghanistan for the second winter in a row. As you read this article, there might be as many as 15-20 million people in that South Asian country who lack adequate [...]

In Iran, Mosques Close Where Nobody Goes

Iran: Population: 81,824,000 Christian percentage: .8 percent Dominant Religion: Shia Islam Persecution Ranking: 8 1979, Iran experienced a revolution that ushered in an Islamic theocracy. Iranians believed this would spiritually purify their nation. The 1979 Iranian Revolution was blended with nationalism. They hoped for Iran to become the powerful [...]

The Sound of Freedom Needs to Be Heard in India!

India Population: 1.3 billion Christian percentage: 2.2 Dominant Religion: Hinduism Persecution Ranking: 10   Have you seen the movie “Sound of Freedom”? It’s about human trafficking in Latin America, but the situation is worldwide, including India. They might use the victim as an unwilling organ donor, a domestic servant, [...]

Divorce Means Celebration for Mauritanian Women

Mauritania Population: 4,081,000 Percent Christian: .3 Dominant religion: Islam Persecution ranking: 20   Have you been through a divorce? Do you view divorce as a reason to grieve or to celebrate? Anywhere in the Muslim world, divorce is a fate worse than death for a woman. A divorced woman [...]

Benin is Beating the Odds

Population: 10,449,000 Christian percentage: 37 percent Dominant religion: Christianity Benin is a tiny West African nation overshadowed by her huge neighbor to the east, Nigeria. This country is known for poverty for a variety of reasons, but two dominate. Eighty percent of the people work in agriculture. If there [...]

Will History Repeat Itself in India’s Punjab?

Population: 1.3 billion Dominant religion: Hinduism Christian: 2.2 percent Evangelical: Unknown   Why would Sikhs want their home state, Punjab, to break away from India? There are several reasons. When India gained its independence from Great Britain on August 15, 1947, Muslims soon separated into a different nation. Yet [...]

Are Sex-Selected Abortions a Problem Among India’s Christians?

India Population: Over 1.3 billion Christian percentage: 2.2 Dominant religion: Hinduism Who will stand by you no matter what? It’s your mother, isn’t it? Even in the animal kingdom, a mother will do anything to protect and nurture her young. This is one of the many reasons why abortion [...]

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