Afghanistan in an Economic Free Fall

There are two main reasons for Afghanistan’s economic crisis. When U.S. forces left in August, Afghanistan’s assets, many of which were tied up in American banks, were frozen by the international community. Afghanistan’s currency is weak, and most of the world works on the American dollar. Before they are unfrozen, the Taliban-led government will need to make significant changes to allow girls to get an education.

The other problem has to do with capable personnel. The Taliban offers jobs to soldiers and Islamic scholars instead of people with the right experience. They know they need qualified doctors, teachers, and government bureaucrats. The massive airlift by foreign nations took people with these skills out of Afghanistan. Those who remain are reluctant to work for the Taliban government because it jeopardizes their chances of escaping to the West. Those who take these government assignments seldom get paid.

It’s winter. There are nine million displaced people. Half the people in Afghanistan face the real possibility of hunger and even starvation. As often happens, those who face the consequences are women and children. There are reports of families selling their daughters into early marriages to avoid hunger.

Let us pray fervently for:

  • Mercy for those who are most likely to suffer (The Bible, Isaiah 49:10).
  • The Lord to show Afghans and world leaders how to protect the weak and vulnerable (The Bible, Proverbs 31:8).
  • Afghan leaders understand that they need the intervention of the One True God to resolve the massive issues their country faces. Pray they surrender their lives to Jesus Christ (The Bible, Daniel 4:2-3).